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Dear User:

This folder contains files which provide a solver of linear differential equations for the free computer algebra system Maxima. In order to use the package, start your Maxima and execute:

(%i1) load("linode.mac");

You can accomplish the same by calling wxMaxima (GUI of maxima) and do:

File > Load Package...

The file linode.demo is a Macsyma-style demo file for most of the operations provided by the package. In order to run it, go to the Maxima level and type:

and watch the demonstration.

If you are planning to use the package often, you should copy the file linode.mac to to a designated Maxima directory which Maxima searches for files to load. This location is OS dependent (search Maxima documentation for its precise location). For example:

Optionally, you can also put linode.demo in the same folder.

NOTE: After you have placed the file in the correct folder, you will be able to load the package by simply doing:

in a similar manner to loading all other packages available in the Maxima distribution.

Maxima documentation for this package has not been written yet, but there is a sizable amount of documentation in the source.


--Marek Rychlik