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Site Launched

In recent days I grappled with the issue of choosing the CMS. This amounts to the "Joomla vs. Drupal" contest, it appears. These are the two most popular CMS of today.

Most of my time wen into testing Joomla. Despite the large number of extensions, there are problems. The difficulty of linking objects internal to the site is one. The installation was not completely smooth, and many features that are advertised are available for a fee. Someone mentioned that some of Joomla core developers are also selling components commercially. This apparent conflict of interest may result in some of the core features missing or flaky.

This blog entry marks the beginning of testing Drupal as my CMS. So far so good. I was actually able to launch a blog by enabling the corresponding module in the management interface. In Joomla, I had too look for an extension that provides a clear blog interface, and someone was advertising "integration with Wordpress" as a commercial effort. Well, should not blogging be possible within a CMS?